Founded in 1992, privately-held Kapela and Pachowski (KiP) specializes in structured design for civil engineering and architectural projects.


Our core team consists of 19 full-time designers and technical specialists. Eleven are engineers. Seven have professional licenses enabling them to design all types of structures in Poland. Based on project needs, we can easily enlarge our team by adding engineers, technicians and CAD operators.

We are led by our senior designers (business partners):

Piotr Pachowski Ph.D., M.Sc., Civ.Eng. - Senior Project Designer and  President of the company
Piotr Kapela M.Sc., Civ. Eng. - Senior Project Designer, Partner, and Director

University Connection

Both senior designers lecture and take part in research projects at the Warsaw University of Technology in the Faculties (departments) of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Cooperation with the university provides access to qualified experts for solving especially difficult problems. Our permanent university consultants are:

Professor Józef Sieczkowski, Sc.D., Ph.D., Civ.Eng., a specialist in high rise buildings
Professor Jan Pachowski, Ph.D., Civ.Eng., a specialist in geotechnics


We strive for high standards, integrity and on-time delivery. Our goal is to build a stable team and atmosphere where our designers can achieve their full potential. We believe that stability and teamwork positively affect the realization of each project, providing quality structures that exceed our clients expectations and th sense of a job well done for ourselves.


With more than 20 years' experience in structural design between them, our senior designers have worked on projects both in Poland and abroad. In the last 14 years, we completed over 300 projects including: housing estates, business centers, churches, industrial stores, commercial centres, factories, restaurants, schools, hostels, residencies, embassies, fuel stations, and engineering structures. We have specified projects using R.C., steel, laminated wood, timber and masonry.

Thanks to our professional team and in cooperation with the best architectural firms, our clients enjoy award-winning non-conventional architectural designs and interesting structural solutions.


We use IBM-compatible computers, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and several statistical programs that allow us to analyze and calculate the dimensions for each structure. We have customized some software in-house to suit our specific requirements.

KiP's activity is insured in Gerling.

*We cooperate with the following renowned domestic architectural studios:
APA S. Kuryłowicz & Associates
Atelier 2 (K. Kucza-Kuczyński, A. Miklaszewski);
BAU-S (J. Szweycer);
BiM-Architekci (A. Bulanda, W. Mucha);
DiM (Cz. Bielecki, M. Twardowska)
Grupa Autorska RRK (Ruszkowski, Rzyski, Kopczewski),
JEMS-Architekci (J. Szczepanik-Dzikowski, O. Jagiełło M. Miłobędzki);
JKKT (J. Kopczewski, K. Tyszkiewicz);
PPiP (J. Pachowski)
Studio A (M. Żarska)
Szymborski & Zielonka - Architekci;

Occasionally we cooperate with some other architects.

*We have worked with the following foreign companies:
ARUP (Ove Arup & Partners Arup, Warsaw)
Denton, Corker, Marshall (DCM, Warsaw)
Dewbery & Davis/Habib - Architects, USA
Fiatengineering, Mediolan, Italy
Grzegorczyk & Taillandier Agence d'Architecture, Paris, France
Hellmuth, Obata, Kassabaum (HOK, Warsaw)
Intertech Engineers Inc., Dallas, Texas, USA
Pao-Sheng Construction Co. Ltd., Taiwan

*Among our foreign clients there are:
Apollo-Rida - store halls
Canal Plus - TV studio
Carefour - supermarket
Creditanstallt - bank
Festo Gmbh - factory and office building in w Janki near Warsaw
GTC (Globe Trade Centre Ltd.) - Business Parc in Warsaw
IKEA- shopping centre in Moscow, Russia
McDonald's - about 10 restaurants in Poland
NESTE Oil Co. (Finland) - net of typical fuel stations in Poland
PepsiCo-Wedel - offices in Warsaw
Portico Development - entertainment centre , cinemas
Thorkilld Kristensen - shopping center
several embassies in Warsaw


We have designed buildings, which have won prestigious awards and competitions:
BRE Bank in Bydgoszcz "Best office building built in Poland in X years (1989-1999)" and winner of the Ministry of Buildings Prize (designed by architects A. Bulanda and W. Mucha)

Apartment buildings estate at Niegolewskiego/Hozjusza Street in Warsaw "Best apartment building built in Poland in X years (1989-1999)" (designed in cooperation with JEMS Architects)

Single-family home - Ministry of Buildings Award and Murator Publishing Company in 1995 (designed in cooperation with architects JEMS)

Sport Hall in Bydgoszcz - First Prize, Architects Union SARP Competition in 1998 (designed by architects T. and J. Kwieciński)

Sport Hall in Gdynia - Second Prize in Architects Union SARP Competition in 2000 (designed by architects T. and J. Kwieciński)

University Library in Wroclaw (Breslau) - First Prize in Architects Union SARP Competition in 2000 (designed by architects Ruszkowski and J. Rzyskim)

Sport Hall with swimming pool for Warsaw University at Banacha Street in Warsaw - First Prize in Architects Union SARP Competition in 2000 (designed by architects T and J. Kwieciński)

Single-family home of 21st century - First Prize in Architects Union SARP Competition in 2000 (designed by architect M. Miłobędzki in cooperation with JEMS)

*Among about 300 structural projects designed by KiP are:

Office buildings
Agora office headquaters, Czerska Street, Warsaw - 55,000 sq m
Mercury building in Globe Trade Centre (GTC) Bussines Park in Warsaw,
Zielna Point - Business Center at Zielna/Próżna Street in Warsaw downtown
BIG - bank in Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie Street
BRE - bank office building in Bydgoszcz
Warsaw Downtownhall Borough Office, Nowogrodzka Street
PepsiCo/Wedel offices in Warsaw
Scandinavian Center, Szymczaka Street, Warsaw,
Canal Plus TV Studio, Kawalerii Street, Warsaw
Corporate Profiles Agency office, Zajączka Street, Warsaw
Wella Intercosmetics, Smocza Street, Warsaw
Lawyer Office in former Mongolian Embassy, Al.Ujazdowskie Street, Warsaw
International Business Centre in Warsaw
Creditansthalt bank office in Gdańsk
Business Centre, Targowa Street, Warsaw
Hektor Bussines Center, Gdańska Street, Warsaw
Medicomp office center, Warsaw (in due of designing)

Commercial centres

Thornkild/Kristensen & Carrefour shopping center, Głębocka Street, Warsaw (35,000 sq. m. plus an extension of 26,000 sq. m)
Carrefour shopping Centre extension - Reduta, Al. Jerozolimskie Street, Warsaw (55,000 sq. m.)
Zeran Distribution Center for Apollo - Rida (34,000 sq. m.)
BMW - Smorawinski, Warsaw, Czerniakowska Street
GTC - Shopping Centre, Domaniewska Street, Warsaw (never built)
Hipermarket, Jubilerska Street, Warsaw (initial design and soil investigations)
TTW Commercial center, Drawska Street, Warsaw (initial design and soil investigation)
Ikea - shopping centre in Moscow, Russia (50,000 sq. m.)

Factories and retail stores

"FESTO GmbH" - office and store buildings, Janki near Warsaw
EMI - Pomaton - office and store buildings in Warsaw
"Malma" - factory of nudels in Malbork (initial design)
"Ferrero" - factory of chocolates, Belsk Duży
Żerań Distribution Center (34,000 sq m.)


WSHiP (Private Higher School of Trade and Law) in Warsaw
University Library in Wroclaw (Breslau) - 40,000 sq. m.
High school in Zielonka with a sports center

Sports facilities

Sports hall with swimming pool for Warsaw University, Banacha Street, Warsaw
Sports hall in the school complex in Zielonka
Swimming pool complex at the school in Bródno borough in Warsaw


"SOS foundation" hostel for children, Lublin
Hilton at Grzybowska Street in Warsaw
Hotel at Warszawianka sports club in Warsaw


We have designed churches in the following locations:
*Pionki, *Józefów,*Milanówek-Grudów, *Skierniewice, *Warszawa, Olbrachta Street, *Radom, *Łyse

Cinema (movie theater)
Gdynia, multiplex

Kielce, Galeria Echo

Silver Screen Targówek Warszawa
Silver Screen Wola Park Warszawa

Multi-storey parking structures

Institute of Biocybernetics, Warsaw and in numerous housing estates
Carrefour shopping centres in Warsaw

Fuel stations

A number of fuel stations for NESTE Oil Co


McDonald's in:
*Katowice, Stawowa Street, *Kraków, Floriańska Street, *Wrocław, Wolności Sq.
*Chorzów, Wolności Street, *Łódź, DT Magda, Piotrkowska Street
*Warszawa, Wałbrzyska Street, *Bydgoszcz, Wolności Sq.
*McDrive typical project
"Tango" restaurant, Al. Jerozolimskie Street, Warsaw
"Leonard" restaurant in Cracow, Old Market Sq.
Pub in Ostrogski' Palace, Tamka Street, Warsaw

Embassies and residences

South Korea, embassy and residence in Warsaw
Turkey, residence in Warsaw
Switzerland, refurbishing of embassy in Warsaw
Multi-storey apartment building in diplomatic zone for Hanoi, Vietnam

Housing estates and apartment buildings in Warsaw

Gocław - Meissnera Street estate (26,000 sq m)
Gocław - Latyczowska Street estate (2x10,000 sq m)
Sadyba - Nad Fosą estate, Limanowskiego Street estate (20,000 sq m)
Żoliborz - Niegolewskiego Street estate (10,000 sq m)
Jelonki - Kryształowa Street estate (10,000 sq m)
Ursynów - Cynamonowa Street estate (12,000 sq m)
Ursynów - Belgradzka Street estate (20,000 sq m)
Ursynów - Moczydło estate (32,000 sq m)
Ursynów - Makolągwy Street
Ursynów - Albatrosów Street
Ursynów - Lanciego Street estate (36,000 sq m)
Ursynów - K.E.N. Street estate (200,000 sq m)
Old Town - Bednarska Street
Rembertów - Wieczorkiewicza Street
Saska Kępa - Saska/Dąbrówki Street
Saska Kępa - Złoczowska Street
Ochota - appartament and office tower, Al. Jerozolimskie 133 Street (20,000 sq m)
Mokotów - appartament and office bld., Tagore Street (9,000 sq m.)
Mokotów -ECO Park - appartaments in Warsaw nearby Żwirki i Wigury Street (200,000 sq m)
Tarchomin - Światowida Street estate (30,000 sq m)

Numerous single-family dwellings


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